Tonia & Ashton Bricka - Keep the Diamond

Beckie has been our farrier for a number of years now and never fails to amaze me how she treats eachhorse as an individual, always searching for the way to help the horse achieve their full potential by the correct shoeing and trimming.

A perfect example of this was with our horse Keep the Diamond (KD) to his friends. KD was showing a lack of confidence in his jumping, especially on grass. When coming off a corner he would drop, and then coming into an oxer he would start to worry, often ending in a refusal. He also was very slightly lame on and off So we decided to get his feet  x-rayed. It was found that KD's pedal bone was flat to the floor, instead of being at a 4 degree angle, his pedal bone was at only 1 degree.

After consulting with the vet and looking at the x rays Beckie suggested Performance Lever Reduction Wedged shoes on his front feet

Soon we took him out jumping again. He was a different horse in these shoes. Full of confidence over a course. Grass became his favourite jumping surface. Best of all he showed no more signs of lameness in all the years we owned him after this. We have recently sold KD, but are so impressed with these shoes that we have recommended that KD should always have them.

Tonia Bricka

March 2012

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Liane Richardson - Beemer March 2012

I have been using Beckie Mabbutt as my farrier for around eight years now, during this time she has always been very patient explaining anything she is doing and why, and discussing any issues with me. She has always been very friendly and professional to deal with, has amazing attention to detail and always on time for appointments!

Unfortunately my horse developed a severe case of seedy toe in one foot that aggressively continued to spread. Beckie was utterly amazing and a true professional, she devoted a huge amount of time and energy into working with the vets, gaining views and experiences from other farriers and being open to new ideas or types of treatment to try. After a long battle we are (fingers crossed) on the home straight, my horse is coming sound and we are winning the battle thanks to Beckie.

Beckie is exceptionally talented at what she does and she combines this with being a total professional who seeks continuous improvement for the horses in her care. I would wholeheartedly recommend her work to anybody!!!


Liane & Beemer  

March 2012

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